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E-transferring money is challenging due to the complicated process

As a RBC mobile app user, I always found the e-transfer process complicated and difficult. I conducted research by interviewing RBC mobile app users and checking the app store reviews to spot some of the problems. 

  • Finding e-transfer button is difficult 

  • Entering information in E-transfer page is challenging due to small fonts

  • The app design is too simple with lots of text

Transfer - Amount.png

Royal Bank of Canada is the largest bank in Canada that serves over 17 million clients. This case study presents the process of redesigning the RBC mobile app to improve the e-transfer experience of the users. 


Product Design: Iris Chae


To solve this problem,

I created an accessible e-transfer button, broke down the process step by step and incorporated icons & graphics.

Competitive analysis.png


Competitive Analysis

User Flow

Send E-transfer Flow

Home – 1.png
Action Menu Popup – 1.png
Transfer - Amount.png
Transfer – who.png
Transfer - Security question.png
Transfer - ready.png
Transfer – who add.png
Transfer - complete.png

Final Product

Mockup - Home.png
Mockup - Home action – 6.png
Mockup - Home action – 2.png
Mockup - Home action – 5.png
Mockup - Home action – 9.png

Quick and easy access to e-transfer

with simple transaction process

Mockup - Home action – 10.png
Mockup - Home action – 17.png
Mockup - Home action – 16.png

Manage your bank account and

view the transaction history

Mockup - Home action – 4.png
Mockup - Home action – 12.png
Mockup - Home action – 14.png
Mockup - Home action – 13.png

Split with friends by playing the random picker mode


Conclusion + Takeaways

Transferring money is the key feature of mobile banking apps so it needs to be easy and accessible. Improving UX and UI with visuals and easy workflow will increase the user experience. These are a few takeaways from this project.

1. Redesign the app but keep the brand identity. I found it difficult to redesign the UI of the app while not losing the RBC’s brand identity. At first, I tried iterating the designs by adding various colors and visuals, but it seemed out of place. I carefully observed the colors and styles used to create realistic app design.

2. Try exploring new features. While trying out different features of the app, I discovered split with friend features. I referenced the design of this feature to improve the transaction process, because the process was very similar but more visually engaging.

3. Be brave and creative. I wanted the split with friends feature to be used by more young adults, so I tried adding the random mode. This is a new feature where users can spin the wheel to pick a random person to pay. I used green colors to differentiate the transfer money process, but the design could be improved by incorporating more RBC brand styles.

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